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Missoula Montana


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Intuitive Oracle Card Reading:


Akashic Record Reading & Healing:


Celtic Shamanic Journey Reading :


Cast a Sacred Protection Circle &/or Cleanse a Space


Learn To Use  Bio-Energy Selfcare (Energy Medicine)


Oracles & Spirituality

Oracles Support Personal Spiritual Growth
People have always looked to the future, wondering what it holds.In ancient times, people would consult oracles about these concerns. Historically an oracle was a person, usually a member of an elite esoteric group, believed to be able to access wisd...
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Art News

Art Print - Rural Apothecary Cat
Apothecary cats were traditionally kept by rural families as a way to ward off evil spirits and disease. The cats were believed to have healing powers and were often kept near the hearth or stove, where they could bask in the warmth and offer their p...
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Guilty Ginger Cat, Cat Lovers Art Prints by Dianne Keast
The PurrFect View, Cats, Cats and More Cats
VIST MY CAT ART COLLECTION HERECats have been stealing our hearts for centuries, and their place in the art world is no exception. From the iconic image of a black cat peeking out from Pablo Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" to ...
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About Sister Earth Creations w/ Dianne:

Intuitive Readings, ​Spiritual Life Coaching & Mind Body Calming, Coping Skills & Spiritual & Bio-Energy Healing.

I am an experienced Intuitive Reader of 30+ years.

I use my one-of-a-kind card system, that I invented.

​I also teach people Mind Body Calming Techniques, Selfcare Stress Reduction & Anxiety Coping Skills, Personal Spiritual Awakening & the art of Oracle Reading.


I offer Intuitive Card Reading, Akashic Records & Shamanic Journey consultations & Spiritual Life Coaching, Bio-energy & Spiritual Healing Sessions & Meditation, Energy Work & Spiritual Practices Tutoring & Support. 

I'm a certified Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach & trained Bio-energy & Spiritual Healer offering: Bio-Energy Meridian Healing techniques such as: EFT, TFT, MMT, TAT, NLP, Reiki, Core Issue Clearing.

Bio-Energy techniques are wonderful tools for self-care and are similar to reflexology but they go much deeper & create a cleansing process that lasts. I have trained many people to use these methods with success. 


 My Cards

​I quested for many years to create my own Oracle System; finding the perfect images, collecting ideas and symbols, so that these cards would speak to people on a deeply subconscious and spiritual level while connecting to the Akashic Records. My readings are a great way to connect with your own path more clearly.​

Explore the Mysteries of who you are as a soul with an insightful consultation supplemented by spiritual growth techniques for healing the mind body soul connections.

It has always been my soul passion to help others grow a sense of self-respect, self-compassion & self-love. I endeavor to guide people to the discovery of their Inner Truth, to become their own Confidant & to learn to heal by being Perfectly Imperfect & infinitely willing to experience themselves in a gentle and unconditional way.

Note: No one in need of spiritual support is turned away because of inability to pay.

Please note:

I am not a spirit medium or an exorcist. While my readings do reveal things, & I do receive information from higher intelligence, they are intensely focused on helping clients move forward in their lives. Occasionally a spirit has come through during one of my readings if it's meant to be & for the highest good, but connecting with spirits of those who have passed on is not my goal, if you need a referral please contact me.

Dianne Keast: Psychic Readings, Tutoring, Art Prints, Clothing, Books

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