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Intuitive Readings, ​Spiritual Life Coaching & Mind Body Calming, Coping Skills & Spiritual & Bio-Energy Healing.

I am an experienced Intuitive Reader of 30+ years.

I use my one-of-a-kind card system, that I invented.

​I also teach people Mind Body Calming Techniques, Selfcare Stress Reduction & Anxiety Coping Skills, Personal Spiritual Awakening & the art of Oracle Reading.


I offer Intuitive Card Reading, Akashic Records & Shamanic Journey consultations & Spiritual Life Coaching, Bio-energy & Spiritual Healing Sessions & Meditation, Energy Work & Spiritual Practices Tutoring & Support. 

I'm a certified Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach & trained Bio-energy & Spiritual Healer offering: Bio-Energy Meridian Healing techniques such as: EFT, TFT, MMT, TAT, NLP, Reiki, Core Issue Clearing.

Bio-Energy techniques are wonderful tools for self-care and are similar to reflexology but they go much deeper & create a cleansing process that lasts. I have trained many people to use these methods with success. 


 My Cards

​I quested for many years to create my own Oracle System; finding the perfect images, collecting ideas and symbols, so that these cards would speak to people on a deeply subconscious and spiritual level while connecting to the Akashic Records. My readings are a great way to connect with your own path more clearly.​

Explore the Mysteries of who you are as a soul with an insightful consultation supplemented by spiritual growth techniques for healing the mind body soul connections.

It has always been my soul passion to help others grow a sense of self-respect, self-compassion & self-love. I endeavor to guide people to the discovery of their Inner Truth, to become their own Confidant & to learn to heal by being Perfectly Imperfect & infinitely willing to experience themselves in a gentle and unconditional way.

Note: No one in need of spiritual support is turned away because of inability to pay.

Please note:

I am not a spirit medium or an exorcist. While my readings do reveal things, & I do receive information from higher intelligence, they are intensely focused on helping clients move forward in their lives. Occasionally a spirit has come through during one of my readings if it's meant to be & for the highest good, but connecting with spirits of those who have passed on is not my goal, if you need a referral please contact me.

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