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Oracles Support Personal Spiritual Growth

Sister Earth Creations Oracle Deck created by Dianne Keast

People have always looked to the future, wondering what it holds.

In ancient times, people would consult oracles about these concerns. Historically an oracle was a person, usually a member of an elite esoteric group, believed to be able to access wisdom and the ability predict the future.

An Oracle was a medium through which the gods could communicate with mortals, and as such, they were greatly respected. Oracles were often utilized by those in power and were consulted about important decisions. The word "oracle" can refer to a person's title, the place where these predictions are made, a particular tool used for scrying or the written record of predictions.

Weather they are people, places or tools, oracles have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. 

In many ancient societies, oracles were highly respected figures who played an important role in the community. We find records of oracles being consulted on matters of great importance, such as whether to go to war or whether to arrange a marriage to a particular person. The predictions of an oracle were usually vague or cryptic and could be interpreted in many ways. So of course, predictions could be used by people of power to justify almost any decision they was made. As a result, oracles were often used as a way of legitimizing the political actions of rulers. Documentation of oracles being consulted on matters of an intimate personal nature are rarer probably due to the desire for privacy.

Although the practice of consulting oracles has largely fallen out of favor in modern times, there is a growing movement to bring back this ancient practice, albeit with a few tweaks to adapt it for the modern age. Most modern oracles are spiritual intuitive advocates or tools like cards, designed to support personal healing and spiritual growth rather than making predictions.

Today, if you google the word "oracle" you will find it is sometimes refers to computer programs that are used to make technical predictions. These programs are typically based on very large data sets and use sophisticated algorithms to find patterns and trends. But you will also find apps that offer personalized oracle card readings based on randomized calculations. While computer-based oracles are a relatively new phenomenon, the concept of using a tool to predict the future or gain insight is not; ancient cultures also had devices that were meant to help humans seek wisdom or foresee possible futures. 

There are a number of reasons why people are turning to oracles once again.

In an age where technology rules and we are constantly bombarded with information, it can be difficult to find time to just stop and reflect. Consulting an oracle forces us to take a step back, slow down, and really think about our lives and our choices. Additionally, many people are looking for ways to connect with something more spiritual; beyond the material world. As humanity slowly works through its adolescence as a species, we face more and more problems that seem insurmountable, it can be helpful to consult an oracle for a different perspective. 

The Sister Earth Creations Oracle Deck created by Dianne Keast is one way that the ancient art of oracle wisdom can be experience in these modern times of spiritual awakening. 

Dianne will tell you- "I quested for about 15 years to find the perfect oracle images, collecting ideas and symbols, so that these cards would speak to people on a deeply subconscious and spiritual level.

Each reading is profound & unique to the individual." 

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