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Akashic Record Reading & Healing:

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Akashic Records Readings: 
by Spiritual Intuitive Dianne of Sister Earth Creations 
As your Spiritual Advocate I will utilize the explore the Mysteries of who you are as a soul with an insightful Akashic Record Reading. I will seek spiritual gifts, akashic clearings, spiritual healing, past life information & spirtit guide connections on your behalf. 
Depending on the individual session there may be interactive healing work done.

Includes related card reading as well.

60 -75 minutes.​
 LIVE ONE-ON-ONE Via Phone -FB Video Chat, or Zoom.

Please Download & READ the pdf for SPECIAL PREPERATIONS, note taking page & appointment booking instructions
Expect to make your appointment no less that 48hs in advance.
Once you have completed your purchase I will be in touch or you can contact me & we will set up at time & digital meeting place.
I will personally complete your booking.

At this time all sessions are virtual only: Zoom, Facebook video, phone. 

​What are the Akashic Records?
“Simply put, the Akashic Field is a vibrational archive of every soul and its journey throughout time as human. Often referred to as the Akashic Records … It contains your past, present, and even future possibilities and probabilities. It’s a great opportunity to access the spiritual perspective & the soul-level point of view. When we make this connection, it’s easier to see and know ourselves and others from the illumined and inspired perspective of the soul. Ultimately, we have the benefit of consciously aligning with the Ultimate/Divine vision for our growth and happiness.” (From Linda Howe PhD.)
You will get a PDF (626KB) file

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