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Learn To Use  Bio-Energy Selfcare (Energy Medicine)

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Learn To Use Meridian  Bio-Energy Healing at Home -
​Improve Selfcare, Stress Reduction & Anxiety Coping Skills:
Comes with a Bio-energy Points Chart & Note Sheet.
As a Trained Meridian Energy Practitioner & Spiritual Intuitive - 
I can Help You Clear Your Mind & Body with bio-energy body tapping or gentle hand placements, breathwork & other specific techniques tailored to your individual needs. 

I will guide you in hands on application of Meridian Bio-Energy Self-care Techniques, we will explore how you respond to different approaches to identify those work best for you, so you can sooth yourself & identify the things that are holding you back or causing you stress.

You can learn to use Meridian Healing selfcare procedures to assist you in getting past personal obstacles, calming stress & anxiety or to release: phobias, negative emotions & limiting beliefs.  
75 - 120 Minutes. 
​ LIVE ONE-ON-ONE Via Phone -FB Video Chat, or Zoom
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (2MB)
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