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In an effort to provide exceptional service to my clients, I am continuously seeking to expand my knowledge and skills in the field of relaxation techniques.

As part of this endeavor I am offering a unique limited time opportunity for individuals to Volunteer for a Complementary Guided Deep Relaxation Session.

This session will enable me to practice new techniques and refine my abilities, while also allowing participants to experience the profound benefits of deep relaxation.

Your feedback and insights from this session will be invaluable in helping me further enhance my services and tailor them to meet your specific needs.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the ongoing growth and improvement of my practice.

LIVE ONE-ON-ONE Via Phone -FB Video Chat, or Zoom.

20-25 Minute - Volunteer for a Free Deep Relaxation Session

Please Download the pdf a special gift & appointment booking instructions.

Expect to make your appointment no less that 48hs in advance.

Once you have completed your download I will be in touch or you can contact me & we will set up at time & digital meeting place.

I will personally complete your booking.

At this time all sessions are virtual only

You will get a PDF (205KB) file

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